what are media files on android phone ?

Today more than 75 percentage market of mobile phone is captured by android. when using android mobile phone we found one question what are media files on android? we explore that where to locate this files on android phone. How it is important and Can we delete this files from android phone. We have explore What are media files and how to delete in Samsung and xiamoi mobile phone. some time you want to hide media files folder on android then how to hide media files on android.

We have also explore the importance of .nomedia files in android.

what are media files on android?

media files on android device

In Android mobile phones, supporting files related to apps are stored in an android folder.

The android folder has one folder named Media files contains Ringtones, Notification Sounds, images, etc.

For example, you have set a ringtone for WhatsApp notification when installing the Whatsapp app.
When a notification arrives in that app, the notification will be alert using ringtone available in the this directory.

So all the data in andorid folder are most important for installed apps.

Where is media files on my phone?

Meida files stored in Internal storage and generally stored with fodler name related to apps.

This folder and files are typically stored under the android folder in internal storage.

You can access Media by following the way

  1. Click on the My Files folder
  2. Then go to Internal Storage Folder
  3. Under Internal Storage, click on the Android folder
  4. Click on the Media folder in the Android folder.
  5. Now check this folder. You will see many folders related to apps.

you will find these files in above mention path.If you don’t fond then check your phone manual.

Can I delete all media files from my media folder in mobile phone?

Yes , You can delete all the media files from your mobile phone .

But This media files are installed by apps for running apps smoothly and easily.

For Example,

If you download videos from youtube.com and then later you want to watch these videos.

Now , if you will delete files under android folder then all the videos under you tube app will be deleted. Now when you open YouTube app then no downloaded videos are available.

So be careful before deleting this files.

All the files are deleted which are produced during use of apps .

Where are media files stored on Android?

Media files are store in internal storage and have folder name related to application.

if you do not have internal storage then medial files are stored in SD cards.

What are consider as media files?

User create this Files audio,video and music and save. He can run it and later you can access it when user is offline.

For example you download video from whats app and YouTube and then later you access this video or audio file.

Commonly Used Digital Media File Formats

  • Photo File Formats supported: BMP,GIF, JPEG,Jpg,PNG,WebP,HEIF
  • Music File Formats supported: 3GPP, AMR , FLAC ,.mp4, .m4a, Android 10+,.mid, .xmf, .mxmf,WAV, WMA, MP3 (.mp3) , MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4a, Android 10+) , Matroska (.mkv, Android 10+)
  • Video File Format supported:• 3GPP (.3gp) , MPEG-4 (.mp4), Matroska (.mkv), 3GPP (.3gp) , (.webm)

To manage these music , video and other you can use the file manager.

How to delete media files in android mobile phone?

excessive files in android mobile phone is the major problem that we all are facing with everyday. Now how to delete specifically mention files? you first go to media folder. Go to install ed application name folder in internal storage.

First check the media folder and then perform following steps to remove this files.

You can access media storage by following steps.

Samsung Mobile phone

Step 1. Go to “Settings” > “Apps”.

Step 2.  Click the “More (three dots)” button and choose “Show system processes”. (the options may be slightly different on different phone models).

Step 3. After you open “Media Storage” which will show you Clear data option.

MI Mobile phone

1. Go to “Settings” > “Apps”.

Click on apps

2:  Click the Manage Apps

3: Click on any one app for example candy crush saga.

4: Shows you storage section

5: under storage section ,you will find clear data.

Now check again the media folder in internal storage section of MY FILES

Now,data is deleted from that folder and overall memory is free.

What is importance of .nomedia files in android?

When you your are using whatsapp or any other application which download media in your mobile phone. This media includes video, pictures and audio.

Now in case if you want to hide all media of particular app let say whatsapp then it is possible with the use of .nomedia files.

Normally, android file manager process will scan the mobile phone for searching media files .

Now, if you don’t want that manager will access a folder which contains media(photo,audio,video) then just create .nomedia file in that folder.

so, next time scanner will not scan that folder and your file manager will not show media from that folder.

We have written article on importance of .nomedia file and how to create and delete on android mobile phone.


We have written article on media files and also explore where to find ti and how to delete them . If you delete them then which are the implications. We have also mention how to hide files on android device with simple way.

Hope you like this article .

Enjoy reading.