Microsoft Digital Payment service: Microsoft’s Kaizala payment app is live now How to use Microsoft Kaizala payment service

On 3rd april 2018 microsoft announced that they about to launch the digital payment service integrated with their kaizala app. Microsoft announce that they have launched the digital payment service using kaizala app using which users can easily send and receive the money. We works on “How to do Digital payment using microsoft’s kaizala app?”

Initiallal phase microsoft has tie up with YES bank and MobiKwik for digital payment transfer. microsoft payment service will transfer peer to peer payments in one to one and group chat conversations via the MobiKwik wallet and via YES BANK’s state-of-the-art Unified Payment Interface (UPI) integration.

Microsoft digital payment app works with all the 86 banks which are allow to use UPI.

Microsoft Kaizala is basically  a mobile app and service which is  designed for companies where more employee which in large number able to communicate and manage work flow. Kaizalal allow all user to manage and coordinate the entire work flow process in easy and efficient manner, including field employees, vendors, partners, and customers .With Kaizala you efficiently assign and track tasks or collect data with individuals or large groups–even if they’re not within your organization.

How to use Microsoft  Kaizala Payment Service

Step 1: Open the Microsoft kaizala app and then go to settings and it will display following screen

This page  “Pending actions”, Started message ,  Linked accounts and “Payment”. So this new Payment comes with kaizala payment service using which individual can transfer the payment from one account to another account using UPI.

Microsoft Kaizala app payment service

Step 2: Click on Payment which will redirect you to another screen as shown below.

This screen shows you how to use UPI using kaizala Digital payment apps and it will right now allow BHIM to transfer the fund from one account to another account. so as shown in figure “BHIM UPI payments on Kaizala” and as describe in above paragraph  you can see it is powered by “YES Bank”.  If you want to do digital payment then click on Get started button on the screen. right now kaizala is integrated with “YES Bank” and MobiKwik for transfer money from one account to another account. We wil also provides you Microsoft Digital payment service apk at lower part of this article.
Kaizala payment service using UPI

Step 3: Click on “Get started” button and display the phone number verification.

This screen allow you to “Verify your device” and it will display which sim card want to use and who is your provider with your phone number. and also provides you change option to change the mobile number. Make sure that provided mobile number must be linked with your bank account. once you done then you press verify button and it will show you all the banks which are connected with UPI. It display most of the banks like state bank of india, HDFC bank, Allahabad bank, Paytm bank.
how to transfer money using Microsoft Kaizala

Step 4: Shows all the banks avaialble with kaizala payment service

Once you select bank it will display all account linked with your mobile number.
Step 5: you have to select one account from list of account
Step 6: you have to provide last 8 digits of card number and ATM pin.
Step 7: it will allow to select users from your contact and then add beneficiery. System will transfer the money to another persons account.

Right now this app is used by 500 thousand persons from play store.

some valuable comment of CEO for microsoft kaizalal payment service.:

Rajesh Jha, Executive Vice President, Office Product Group, Microsoft, said,

“We see an opportunity for technology to give Firstline workers more intuitive, immersive, and empowering experiences – and thereby help organizations achieve greater efficiency, enhance their customers’ experience, and increase both innovation and employee satisfaction. Office 365, including Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Teams and Outlook, aims to connect this mobile-first and mobile-only workforce for modern collaboration and teamwork.”

Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President, Office Product Group, Microsoft, said,

“When we launched Microsoft Kaizala for India in July 2017, we provided consumers as well as businesses with a secure chat platform to collaborate and be productive, on the go. Microsoft Kaizala is used by thousands of organizations across different industry verticals for their day-to-day workflows today and is growing. Payment transactions within the app was a key demand from our users for getting work done and we are happy to offer it today in collaboration with YES Bank and MobiKwik.”

Ritesh Pai, Chief Digital Officer, YES BANK, said,

“YES BANK has been a pioneer in UPI and we have emerged as a leader in the UPI ecosystem by leveraging our strategic partnerships, as well as the Bank’s first-of-its-kind API Banking Solution. We are glad to collaborate with Microsoft Kaizala and bring seamless payments to businesses and users by employing our state-of-the-art UPI Platform. The addition of payments makes Microsoft Kaizala an even more compelling platform for collaboration.”

Mr. Bipin Preet Singh, Founder and CEO, Mobikwik, said,

“The diversity of user base that can be reached out via Microsoft Kaizala is tremendous. With this association, we will be able to take peer to peer payments to users across hundreds of organizations in diverse industries, including government departments. This is in line with MobiKwik’s mission of enabling billions of Indians with easy access to digital payments. The ease of using Microsoft Kaizala, even in areas with limited internet connectivity, is the biggest benefit since it will enable greater market penetration for us. We are thrilled to be chosen as the first mobile wallet provider by Microsoft Kaizala and look forward to offering our services to Kaizala users. We are confident that this association will go a long way in helping us reach out to a whole new set of users in the country.”

Good luck to mircorosoft and kaizala developement team.

Disclaimer :  This information is solely collected and written to provide facility to user and inspire user to use Microsoft Kaizala payment service. if any point is wrongly written let s know we will correct. Any profit or loss incurred by user by using this article website or writer not responsible.

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