Misc Files In Android Phone and How to delete misc files?

More than 70% mobile phones having android operating system. When We run the system , we find out that it will create misc file in android phone. Apart from this files, hidden cache and temporary cache files are also created in phone. We have try to cover in this article about what is misc files and how to remove them and does it safe to delete these files from android mobile phone.We also try to cover how to recover this deleted files.Another types of files named media files are responsible for storage space problem.

After reading this article you will how to free some memory by deleting miscellaneous files.

What Is Misc Files In Android Phone

Misc Files

Misc files are files created by apps, chrome, internet browser which are not classified under the media , apps support file or other know files like .apk or .avi etc.

Misc files are created by apps when they are runing and during running process operating system and apps will create certains files to backup your apps .

For example,

When you run chrome browser and open tabs in chrome then many files are created in temp directory of the mobile phone .This files are useful o run the chrome browser correctly at that time . once chrome browser is close d then we need to delete these file by using directory cleaning service

History files and cookies files are also comes under this misc files in android operating system .

Similarly, Many apps like Whatsapp, Skype,Facebook and other apps will create miscellaneous files in

Which are the file extension of Miscellaneous Files in Anroid?

The most common misc files are .torrent, .download,.PART,.MSI files in android.

.ADIDynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.LOOVSmadav Virus Definitions File
.AAWDEFAd-Aware Definitions File
.GLINKGoogle Drive External File Shortcut
.FEEDBACKExpression SketchFlow Feedback File
.CBDSComic Book DS File
.HXEMicrosoft Help 2 Sample Definition File
.ZVPLVisual Paradigm License File
.SNFStarry Night Pro Document
.DOWNLOADINGPando Incomplete Download File

How to Remove Miscellaneous Files from Android

Do not delete any files which is system generated means either by apps or operating system . some times application will fail to run after deleting these files from mobile phone.

The best Way to remove miscellaneous files from android is follow the steps

1: Click on the settings

2: Go to Storage section of phone.

3: Once you click on storage section , you will find out the following screen and have Cleaner button.

This storage section will list out the two sections.

  1. System Storage (Internal Storage)
  2. Non- System Storage (SD card)

System Storage (Internal Storage)

OS and the System Applications are installed in “System Storage” .

User application are also installed in this section .

User installed applications are installed in /data/apps.

Settings and app data is stored in /data/data, and then application cache data is stored in /cache.

These are all part of the “System Storage”.

  • Non- System Storage is sdcard. As far as the Android OS is concerned, it is an sdcard. Some applications may save data to it, but it is mainly used as direct storage for your data. Like pictures taken with the camera, music, ringtones, things like that.
  • Now, Press the Clearner button will show you all the files which are temporary created and not useful.

    Step 3: Click on the cleaner button.


    This section will display obsolete files and packages . click on the clean button and all the misc files are removed from the system.

    Is it safe to delete misc files in Android phone?

    Yes, you can delete misc files from you android mobile phone .

    You must take care never delte any system generated file without software.

    Mostl of the time we know abut some to fth efiles that menas .AVI, ,MPEG and other types of extension .

    We know that if we delte ths ifiels then it will not affect the system. Then only you have to delete this files.

    There are many softeare availbe using which you can delte misc files.

    List of File Cleaner apps available on Google play store?

    We have list down many popular file cleaner apps available on Google play store and using this apps only you have to remove junk files . You either use following apps or perform steps explain in above section.

    1. Phone Master–Junk Clean Master,Battery Saver,Boost
    2. Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master
    3. CCleaner: Cache Cleaner, Phone Booster, Optimizer
    4. Norton Clean, Junk Removal
    5. AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster
    6. Phone Cleaner – Android Clean, Master Antivirus

    How to Recover Deleted  misc files in Android phone

    Either install software to recover deleted misc files or do not delete by your own self .

    do not delete files with extension that you don’t know without proper software listed in above steps.

    If you want to recover then many recover software are available but they will not guaranteed that your phone will work properly.

    Because all the software are design to recover media files and application Files like PDF, word etc.

    They will not guaranteed that they will recover deleted misc file sin android phone.


    we have written down on misc files android phone .These file android miscellaneous files are responsible for the working of apps and application.

    Do not delete these without proper software or inbuilt cleaner application.

    We have discuss several question which are normally comes in our mind.

    Hope you like this article