namkeen manufacturers in gujarat

namkeen manufacturers in gujarat

There are so many namkeen manufacturers in Gujarat .some of them top best namkeen manufacturers in ahmedabad ,Rajkot,vadodara,surat are well known and their namkeen products not only famous in Gujarat but also become brand in india . .Gujarati people widely used  namkeen as one type of fast food in Gujarat state. There are many types of Gujarati namkeen like as ratlami sev,  bhakarwadi, mix chavana moog dal ,sing bhajiya etc are widely  used in festival like as diwali,new year. There are namkeen manufacturers in gujarat which can produce  best   quality namkeen with reasonable price.So the below list about the some namkeen manufacturers in gujarat  and their products are available in the retail stores and also buy from online stores. The namkeen manufacturers in Gujarat also sell their products on online selling platforms like as amazon ,flipkart.

which are most famous namkeen name in Gujarat?

The below namkeen is the list of traditional namkeen and most of the namkeen manufacturers in gujarat which can make this type of namkeen

1) Bhakharwadi

2) Gathiya

3) Sev mamra

4) Sev : Sev includes all type of sev like as Hing sev,palak sev, ratlami sev,lahsun sev,besan sev etc

5) Sing bhujia

which are the namkeen manufacturers in gujarat ?

1) Neo fresh namkeen

It is started with small business but because of good quality it becomes famous brand and it’s namkeen products are selling in big retail store in Gujarat and india also.It makes healthy and fresh namkeen and for more about the latest namkeen products

2)  Vimal fresh :

It is part of vimal group which is one of the top compay in Gujarat .It is always commited with quality and main goal to offering best healthy ,fresh and tasty namkeen products to their customers.There are for any question about namkeen products send email at  It makes variety of namkeen and for latest namkeen products visit on

3) Balajiwafers:

Balajiwafers is one of the famous manufacture among all namkeen manufacturers in gujarat . .It can produce many type of namkeen products. It can make farali wafers,potato chips,masala ring,tomato ring,banana wafers,banana masala wafers,sing bhujia,sev mamra,channa dal,moong dal etc many more products.There are all the namkeen comes with top best quality.There are for getting more information about the it’s latest namkeen visit on . There are its namkeen products available in retail market and also buy from online store.For any queries

4) Samrat namkeen:

Samrat namkeen is one of the oldest namkeen brand in Gujarat .It was started in ahmedabad before two decades but now it become famous brand in india due to it’s best quality namkeen products.The more about it’s latest namkeen visit on .

5) Bansiram:

bansiram namkeen naylon gathiya

Bansiram namkeen is famous brand in manufactuaring  variety of namkeen products in Gujarat state.It makes variety of namkeen. When anyone hungry suddenly and wants to eat something that time bansiram namkeen products may be right choice. It comes with many traditional namkeen as best in taste. It is useful in chat season with friends,during recess time,unexpected  guest comes at home and in other situation open any basiram namkeen products and serve to your friends or guests.There are variety of products  comes in 5 rupees to 10 rupees in the market.There are for getting more information about the variety of it’s namkeen visit to

Bansiram namkeen sev

1)Bansiram namkeen include traditional namkeen include many types of traditional namkeen that comes with best in taste and quality. 2) Basiram farali namkeen.: It offers range of products that is the best to eat on the day of fast. The farali chevda mitha and farali tikkha chevda,banana wafers,rajwadi farali chevda and many more products proves best on the day of fast.The farali items available in 5 and 10 rupees pack. 3) Bansiram Fryums: It is for not only child but adults can also eat.It comes in different shapes as kids will like to eat.It is available in 5 rupees and 10 rupees pack. 4) Bansiram krunchips: It is available in masala and salted flavours and best in taste. Krunchips is best partner when  organize small picnic,gathering etc situation. 5) Bansiram roasted crunch: It is available in different flavours and comes with best quality and taste.

6) Purohit namkeen:

Purohit namkeen is ahmedabad based company.It makes wide variety namkeen products and deliver tasty namkeen with best quality.

7) Realnamkeen:

Realnamkeen moong dal

Realnamkeen is one of the famous namkeen manufacturer in Gujarat state.It can produces  like as gathia,channa dal, masala sev mamra ,salted and peanuts ,moong dal,tasty sing bhujia. Aaloo sev,ratlami sev and many more other products.It is also manufactures of farali foods for  fast as farali potato chips, banana wafares ,farali tikkha chewda,farali mittha chewda.There are products are available in retail market and on other hand it is also available on online stores. There are  any question about the  namkeen products contact to its customer care number  and for getting more information about  latest products visit on

8) Anand namkeen:

It is well known brand   not only in north Gujarat but also famous in other parts of Gujarat. Anand namkeen has wide range of namkeen products which are best traditional in  taste.It can deliver fresh and quality namkeen to it’s customers.

9) Radhe food products

Radhe namkeen is one the namkeen which is not only famous in Rajkot but their products sell on many retail store in Gujarat.It’s namkeens available with reasonable prices.It makes namkeen which is best suitable for home,hotel,party.The more about it’s latest namkeen visit on

10) Isha foods Bablu:

ISHA SNACKSPVT.LTD as the manufacture of bablu snacks , namkeen and it comes with best in quality and taste. It comes with variety of products like as noodles,tarzan,popkorn,sev mamra and many more other  products. It’s products like as jeera papad  and other products not only attract to children but adult also like to eats because of its crispy crunchy taste.There are more details about it’s latest namkeen products visit on

11) Jagdish farsan :

Jagdish farsan lasan mix

It is one of the oldest and most famous namkeen manufacture in vadodara. .It’s  namkeen and other food products not only famous in vadodara but it also famous in other parts  of Gujarat.All the namkeen products comes with best quality.It can also buy from amazon , flipkart etc . online stores.There are for it’s latest namkeen visit on www.Jagdish

12) Top foods:

It makes variety of namkeens and their products are available in retail stores  in Gujarat.It makes top quality namkeen and  food other products.

13) Gopal namkeen:

Gopal namkeen is one of famous manufacturer among all namkeen manufacturers in gujarat . It is one of the oldest brand in Gujarat. For any detail about its  various  namkeen product information contact to It makes many types of products likes as wafers, snacks pellets,papad ,Gathiya,garlic sev mamra,farali chevda,tikhi sev,aloo sev, some seasonal products and all are come with reasonable prices and good quality and  it is easily available in the retail market and also buy from some online store.for more queries email at

14) Vadilia foods

Vadalia foods is popular namkeen making manufacture in gujarart. It makes variety of namkeen products like as ratlami sev,sing bhujia,farali mixtures and many more other namkeens.It’s namkeen packet available in only Rs 5 and it’s namkeen family pack can also buy from retail store.There are for more information about  it’s latest namkeen visit on

which are the best namkeen manufacturers in gujarat?

It is difficult to say that which are the best namkeen manufacturers in gujarat? .The main reason behind that many namkeen manufacturers in gujarat which makes best quality namkeen and also sell their products at competitive prices in the market and some them become brand name in their own city as they deliver best quality namkeen so manufacturers which can produce quality,healty namkeen with reasonable price as considered the the best namkeen manufacturers in gujarat. There are many namkeen manufacturers in gujarat and some of the namkeen manufacturers are famous in india and other countries of the world.The namkeen manufacturers in ahmedabad ,rajkot,vadodara etc . are well known name in namkeen products in their city and their products available in big retail stores. There are many namkeen manufacturers in Gujarat also provide facility of doorstep delivery or home delivery to their customers but they add delivery charges for their service..

Disclaimer :  The above information may not 100% correct .the buyer must check every aspect of product before buying any product. This information is solely collected and written to provide basic information about the namkeen manufacturers in Gujarat to user . if any point is wrongly written let us know we will correct. Any profit or loss incurred by user by using this article website or writer not responsible