nirma detergent : nirma detergent price

nirma detergent : nirma detergent price

Nirma detergent is famous product of Nirma limited.Nirma limited is one of the leading FMCG company in india.It can produces many types of industrial products and also makes many types of consumers products like as salt,detergents,soaps,detergent cake.The main aim of the company is that providing best quality products with reasonable prices.

It is one of the oldest washing powder brand in india and it’s ads on television that washing powder Nirma washing powder nirma ………..sab ki pasand nairma song  became famous in india as the best washing powder. 

There are many types of washing powder that is available in the market and that can also use as detergent powder but some of them comes with high prices so it is difficult for the common people to use that detergent on regular basis on the other hand nirma products comes with reasonable price.

nirma detergent price in retail market :

1)  Nirma surf detergent powder price Rs 48

2) Nirma Advance detergent powder Rs 50

3) Nirma detergent cake price Rs 10

There are many washing powder in india that may available at retail stores but among them nirma that is famous brand and widely used for washing clothes and for other cleaning purpose.

1)  Nirma surf detergent powder

Nirma detergent comes with good quality and reasonable price.

Nirma surf detergent

  Nirma surf detergent powder  : It is suitable for washing all type of clothes and it can removes stain and glowing colours of clothes

2) Nirma Advance detergent powder

Nirma Advance powder 500 g(pack 5)

3) Super Nirma washing powder

4) Nirma popular washing powder:

Nirma popular washing powder : It is good quality detergent powder and comes with reasonable price. It is available in different quantity Pack in the market. The Nirma popular cake is also available in different quantity packs and this cake is also use for washing clothes

4) nirma detergent cake:

  Nirma detergent cake is one of the best product that comes with best quality.It is available in 125 grams to 260 gram packs. It is also available in Nirma white cake and Nirma pink Cakenirma detergent cake price is about Rs 10 retail market.

Nirma pink Cake

Nirma pink Cake. 260 g(pack of 10)

These detergent powders and cakes can buy from retail store and it can also purchase from online stores.

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