what finger do you wear a friendship ring on

what finger do you wear a friendship ring on The friendship ring is mainly worn on the fingers of the left hand. When you wear a friendship ring on any finger, it will be best that no other type of ring wear on this finger. ‘There are not any rules about wearing friendship rings on […]

what is a friendship ring

what is a friendship ring A friendship ring is one of the best types of the ring that can give to your friend. This type of ring also connects one person to another person with the bond of friendship and so ring exchange by two or more friends on friendship day or any other occasion. […]

Why Are My Friends So Quiet In Discord? (5 Fix with picture)

We use discord to chat with out friends when playing games and have great fun to annoying them in the middle of the game. Many times we have found out the problem that Why are my friends so quiet in discord ? in this case we even not hear single sound from friend or person […]

How to change brackets in tupperbox? (command and pictures)

Tupperbox bot is one of the poupular bot when you want to deal with different channel with different roles. When you want to chat someone with one name in one bot and you want to chat with other name in second bot then its quite easy to do it with tupperbox bot. We have specifically […]

why promise rings are bad

why promise rings are bad You may see that the trend of giving Promise rings is increasing in the recent period compared to the past few years. When someone gives a promise ring that time not a necessarily strong commitment but the best way to say to someone that your relationship is growing more serious. […]

king and queen crown wedding rings

king and queen crown wedding rings Many famous Jeweller brands can make the wedding ring with different attractive designs but among them king and queen crown designs wedding ring that is also famous among people and buys for the wedding ceremony occasion. The certain important point like as color of the ring, price, materials, design […]

king crown rings

king crown rings The buyer needs to check and inquire about the various type of designs of the ring and buy only that type of design that will perfectly match with finger The King crown rings which are enhancing the look and personality of the person when shaking the hand with other people. so it […]

discord deafen and discord mute on mobile and pc

Discord gives you wonderful facilities to talk while you play and also you can share the screen. Sometimes we feel that chatitng with friends is quite disturbing when playing video games. Discord have two features like discord deafen and discord mute to solve this problem. We have explain what is the use of discord deafen […]

discord role colors with discord role colors hex

This article explain about best discord role colors with discord role colors hex values .You can manage the discord server with different roll name and permissions. When you add server or join server and using role names you can assign some functionality. Initially or by default role @everyone have right to access all the features. […]

how to update discord or discord update failed?

We have fix the problem of discord update failed or discord updates not working .how to update discord? Discord is one of the leading chatting tool used in gaming community. Discord can be used in background when you play games. Discord provides various tools like text to speech in discord and you can also listen […]