discord role colors with discord role colors hex

This article explain about best discord role colors with discord role colors hex values .You can manage the discord server with different roll name and permissions. When you add server or join server and using role names you can assign some functionality. Initially or by default role @everyone have right to access all the features. […]

how to update discord or discord update failed?

We have fix the problem of discord update failed or discord updates not working .how to update discord? Discord is one of the leading chatting tool used in gaming community. Discord can be used in background when you play games. Discord provides various tools like text to speech in discord and you can also listen […]

fantasy crown

The fantasy crown available with many types of fancy and attractive designs like trivia, weapons but the fantasy crown should have a unique fashionable design. Some types of design best only for women and that can not suit men while on the other hand some designs suitable for both men and women. The design of […]

how to unfullscreen discord ?

In discord when sometime we press the keys and discord moves to full screen mode. When we try to make it unfullscreeen or minimize it then it does not work. We have try to solve this problem in windows and in MAC computer or laptop. discord fullscreen key will makes you full screen and some […]

discord static sound or noise voice audio (fix with 4 steps)

sometime working with discord we have find out that there is constant erritating discord static sound comes. This sound is comes from discord mic static sound. We normally think about that our mic is not working properly but we find that my mic is working fine with other software. We have discuss all the possible […]

discord images not loading and discord upload failed (6 techniques desktop and mobile)

Discord is one of the widely used platform by games to send and receive voice ,video and images. Many times we have found out that discord images not loading when you receive it. There are several reason that discord not loading images or discord upload failed. we have work on this problem and list out […]

What is cell standby on android mobiles( battery drain issue fixed)?

Today it was impossible to live with mobile phone.The driving force of the mobile phone is battery. We have discuss that What is cell standby? How to turn off cell standby ? because this cell standby will drain the battery very fast of mobile phone. This problem is also encounter in Samsung, Lenovo and other […]

what is discord hypesquad ? hype house,benefits and roles (complete guide)

discord provides many featurs and programs. among them top program are discord nitro and discord hypesquad.In this article will discus about the what is discord hypesquad? How to join discord hypesquad program . What is the role of each community member will do? which are the type of houses in discord hypesquad? and little FAQ. […]

how to turn off tts discord? or disable tts discord ? (with Pictures)

discord is one the leading app used by gamer. you can share the screen , video and music on discord servers to your discord friends. Discord has comes up with discord tts or discord text to speech functionality. This article will discuss about how to turn off tts discord? or how to disable tts on […]

how to delete all emails in gmail app from Android Gmail app or iphone Gmail app

world knows that google was initiallly famous for their google mail or gmail service. Google Gmail is also one of the fastest email service. one problem that we found is How do I delete multiple mails from my Android Gmail app or iphone Gmail app ? because when I check the email in my android […]