prevNext: MODX Add-On all you need to know

Modx is an open source web application Management Framework. Modx is originally developed in php and support cloud integration.This article explain you about prevNext MODX Add-On. We have also cover how to use prevnext modx addon in modx system. We written down which are the functions available with prevnext modx addon with syntax for programmer.

What is prevNext Modx Addon ?

prevnext modx add on

Developer can use prevnext addon when developer want to navigate user from current page to next page and current page to previous page. Then he has to develop a code. But prevnext is ready made component devloped by modx team.

prevNext Modx Addon is free add-on used in modx to provides navigation.

By using prevnext you can provide how to go to previous post and how to navigate to next post.

How to download prevNext Modx Addon ?

There are total three ways you can download prevnext modx add-on .

From official website

official download of prevnext adds-on is available on modx website link.

Once download you have to integrate this adds on in to your modx content management system.

download from Github

you can download prevnext from github from this prevnext download link

How to call prevnext in programming?

To use this add-on in modx application programming you have to use following this tag with or without argument.


Basic prevnext syntax with all options

This is the basic call you have to integrate into your blog post and you have to set various option to work out with this.

[[!prevNext? &parents=’345' &includeTvs=’1′ &includeTVList=’TV1,TV2′ &nextPrefix=’Go to Next page’ &prevprefix=’Go to prev page’ &processTVs=’1′ &processTVsList=’img-tv-list,imag-date-list’]]

more prevnext functions with example and explanation

&includeTvs=’1′ if you set &includeTvs=1 then it allow your to include the template variable in your code and if you do not want to include template variable then set &includeTvs=0

&includeTVList=“img-print-first” This allow you to include Template variables in your post. here when you use TV variable in list then do not use TV work before TV name.

&nextPrefix =”Specify the text appear in nexprefix” This allows you to specify the link value when use click then redirected to next page.

&PrePrefix =”Specify the text appear in nexprefix” This allows you to specify the link value when use click then redirected to next page.

&Tvprefix= here you can specify the prefix used before Template variable and using this it will call the template variable of this class. for example mydate is template variable and prefix is tv then use can call this using tv.mydate.

&processTVs : set this to 1 to consider process Tvs into flow. if this is set then your can specify the &includeProcessList with all the processess those can able to access this termplate varialble.

&processTVList : Here you can specicify the comma delimited process Template variable list. In turn this will be called by using this .

&parents : Comma-delimited list of ids serving as parents. Use -1 to ignore parents when specifying _resources_to include. If this is not done, getResources assumes &parents as the current resource and reads its children from there (plus the resources given in &resources = unexpected results)

&css : specify the css class name with which you can change the look and feel of the text.

&tpl :

you can specify the template place holder types. There are three template place holder values. link, text and separator.

step by step: How to use prevnext addon in modx crm

once you login into system you will find out that system menu. click on package management menu under ssystem and click on that will display you following screen.

step 1: Goto System and click on Package Management

search for prevnext package

Now click on download extra show in upper side of version word.

Step 2: click on Download Extras

click on download extra

Step 3: Browse the available packages where it dispolay the popular download packages, highly rated packages and new additional packages .

Now search the prevnext word in modx crm package manager and it display you this package.

select prevnext from available add ons

Step 4: After download package is available with install button

press install to active prevnext  addon

Step 5: Click on install to install the package.

finally verify properly installed or not


We have try to explore the properties of prevnext modx add-on develop by modx. We have also written down how to use this add-on with syntax and functions