ram in mobile phone

ram in mobile phone

Ram in mobile phone is basic fetures and it can      improve cost   and so more and more ram can improve speed but it can also increase cost for the user so buyer must g Meaning of ram 1)RAM stands for Random access memory 2)RAM is too much fast memory compare to internal storage what is better as 2gb ram mobile ,6gb ram mobile ,8gb ram mobile, 12 gb ram mobile or more highest ram mobile phone.The ram in mobile phone is best.

B) 2gb ram mobile   :

But in recent times more and more mobile application comes in Google play store with increasing size that it will occupy certain MB in Ram so that if the User of the mobile phone wants to do more task at same time then that time it require to load more application in Ram and so that 2 GB RAM  is not enough for the User..
If the User of the mobile phone runs one or two mobile application then 2 GB of RAM for the mobile phone is enough.This is list of  few best samsung 2 GB mobile phone .The ram in mobile phone improve speed

1)Samsung Galaxy A10
2) Samsung Galaxy M10

                                           3)        Samsung Galaxy J4 plus    

4) Samsung Galaxy J7 nxt
5) Samsung Galaxy A5
6) Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
7) Samsung Galaxy A7
8) Samsung Galaxy A8

c) 4 gb ram

OPPO 4 GB Ram mobile phone   :
1) OPPO  F3


                                                     2)      OPPO  A7

3) OPPO   F7
4) OPPO   K1
5) OPPO  F11
6) OPPO F5
7) OPPO A83
8) OPPO F3 Plus

d)   6gb ram mobile

There are sizes of the mobile application may be increase in future so in that case 6gb ram mobile is enough to store many application at the same time and  6 GB RAM will give faster result for the performing some task or function very easily. One simple example is that any professional or businessman use mobile phone with 6 GB RAM then he can load four or five mobile application, and he can access some files or watching video etc many task or function can perform at the same times with Use of 6 GB RAM mobile.The ram in mobile phone improve speed and efficiency.

E)  8gb ram mobile

There are many people  buy  8 GB RAM mobile because their friends or relatives Use 8 GB RAM mobile and after buying 8 GB RAM mobile ,they use their phone for only use of making friends on face book or listening songs on you tube then this type of usage of Ram is wastage of Ram and 8 GB RAM mobile is not required for this type of User .The ram in mobile phone improve speed and efficiency so it is best for user

F) 10 gb ram mobile

From the above discussion it is clear that if you want to perform more task or more function at the same time so you need to load more application in Ram so in that case 6 GB RAM mobile or 8 GB RAM mobile  is  your requirement.

On other hand if you have normal usage of  mobile phone and Use of only one or two mobile application or listening song on you tube  then 2 GB of RAM is enough requirement for mobile phone.