How to Email a PDF file in android phone with yahoo and gmail and desktop

How to send PDF by email is essential part of any office related work. when you send resume to employer from that day to when you start your job. you have to learn different techniques to send PDF by email.

How to email a pdf file from desktop?

steps to send PDF file from desktop you have to perform following steps.

  1. open or from your browser.
  2. sign-in then click on Compose button available on top left side of gmail editor.
  3. Once you press compose button display you the new message editor to compose email.
  4. Write down content with subject and write To email id (email ID of receiver)
  5. click on the attach Files in yahoo or Gmail.
    1. In Gmail you will find following Attach Files button in Gmail.
    2. In Yahoo to attach files which leads you to the following editor where you can attach the files. To attach pdf file click on Choose file button. After choosing the file press Attach files.

How to email a pdf file using android mobile phone?

  1. Open gmail or yahoo mail app in android mobile phone.
  2. Find pen icon in red circle at bottom right corner to compose email.
  3. Press that icon will open compose editor to send email.
  4. press attach file icon will display you to send attach file option.
  5. Pressing this attach file in android phone gmail app will open the download or document section.
  6. Select the PDF File you want to upload.
  7. Write down email content and subject and send email.

How to email a pdf file available in google drive

To send pdf file in google drive by using gmail you have to perform following steps:

Send pdf file available in google drive using Gmail mobile app

  1. open gmail app in your mobile app
  2. click on attach file in lower right corner icon.
  3. click on attach icon and will show you two options
  4. first option is attach file
  5. second option is Insert from from drive
  6. Click on Insert from drive option and leads you to google drive app in your mobile
  7. Select pdf or other file to upload.

Send pdf file available in google drive using Yahoo Mobile app

Yahoo does not allow you direct access of google cloud not it yahoo has its own cloud like Google drive. perform following steps to send pdf file in googel drive by using yahoo email service.

  1. you can share link of your google drive by pasting the link into yahoo mail.
  2. second way is to click on
  3. which leads you to following screen provides you two options
  4. You can upload by using existing drop box file
  5. you can upload by using google drive
  6. Both will do sign in and allow you to select existing pdf file.

How to convert any word file to pdf file if you don’t have direct pdf file.

If your file having other format then word and you want to convert it into pdf then many options are available.

Best way is to convert any format to pdf format is by using offline PDF converter do pdf from download link.

steps to convert word file to pdf using do pdf desktop tool

  1. open the file
  2. press control + P
  3. open printing window
  4. select do pdf printer
  5. press Generate pdf
  6. select File location to store resultant pdf.

If you want to convert word to PDF then you can use online application from


We have explore various way to send PDF files using email. We have try to cover gmail and yahoo mail services.we have also cover how to send PDF file by email app available in android phone.We have also discuss how to send existing PDF file available in Dropbox and google drive.

please fill free to comment on this article or showing other mechanism.