Spicy Garlic sev mamra ,Lasaniya mamra

sev mamra recipe

There are some recipes of many food item to be very difficult to understand and it is difficult to implement that recipe in kitchen but  Sev mamra recipe is easy to understand  by anyone and it is  very easy to make this light food namkeen in the kitchen.It is so simple recipe that not only housewifes but men can also makes it within 20 to 25 minutes of time. It is completely vegetarian food item .Sev mamra is one type of famous namkeen and it is mixture of sev and puffed rice. There are many people makes it at home and they follow Its recipe for making it but in recent period of time  many Namkeen brands also produces it and selling their products in the market.

sev mamra recipe

Which are the basic ingredients of sev mamra recipe ?

1) puffed rice – 1 bowl 2) sev – 1 cup 3) red chilli powder – 1 tablespoon 6)Turmetic-1 tablespoon 4)oil – 3 tablespoon 5)salt – as per your taste and requirement. 6)curry leaves – 7 6)Hing

Sev mamra recipe steps:

1)First, take cooking vessel and hit oil on a medium flame.

2)when oil start heating add hing,curry leaves,chilli powder,turmeric powder and keep on a medium flame for minimum time of 15 seconds.

3) After this ,add puffed rice and also iodized salt (as per your requirement) and then mix whole items very well and keep on a slow flame for minimum 12 minutes period of time.

4)Add sev and then mix whole puffed rice and keep on slow flame for 3 minutes of period of time.

5) whenever it become cool then store this light food in air tight container.

6) serve to your guest or use as required.

So as above the sev mamra recipe is that very simple and any person can make this light food namkeen at their home. It can also increase or decrease ingredients according to your taste and requirement.

Types of sev mamra: 1)Masala 2) Garlic sev mamra :

What are the main use of this light food namkeen ?

The main basic use is that it can use as light food namkeen but on other hand it can also increase the taste of many food recipe. .It is also used in  bhel puri,chat items and many more other food items.

There are many famous namkeen brand also sell and their products as comes with reasonable price and best quality. so below the some brand names

Sev mamra manufacturers

Real namkeen sev mamra: 

It  can enhance the taste of another food and it is available in Rs 5 and Rs 10 packet. Real namkeen also produces  like as papad chavana,light chivda, masala  ,salted and peanuts ,moong dal,tasty bhel masti. Aaloo sev,ratlami sev and many more other products.It is also manufactures of farali foods for  fast as farali potato chips, banana wafares and many more other products.There are products are available in retail market and on other hand it can also buy from online store . 


Balaji sev mamra:

Balaji sev mamra is one of the famous namkeen .It comes in masala sev with mamra and packet available in Rs 5 only. also. Baljiwafers also produces as Masala shing,potato chips,masala ring,tomato ring,classic ,banana masala wafers,sing bhujia,aloo sev,channa dal,mung dal etc many more products.There are all the products comes with  best quality.

Bansiram namkeen sev mamra:

Bansiram namkeen  is one of the brand name in manufactuaring  variety of namkeen products.When anyone hungry suddenly and wants to eat something that time it may be right choice.It is light food and useful in chat season with friends,during recess time and in other situation open any basiram namkeen sev with mamra and serve to your friends or guests.

Gopal namkeen Garlic sev mamra

It comes in garlic sev mamra also.The packet comes in Rs 5 in retail market.is one of the leading manufacturer of namkeen in Gujarat. It is one of the oldest brand in namkeen industry

It can produce many types of products likes as wafers, snacks pellets,papad ,Gathiya,Ratlami sev,chokdi,farali chevda,tikhi sev,aloo sev, some seasonal products and all are come with reasonable prices and good quality and  it is easily available in the retail market and also buy from some online store.

sev mamra recipe can use for making this light food at home .It is best light food namkeen to eat during travelling.when you are travelling in train or bus and that time if you wants to eat something that time it is best option . sev mamra is best whenever unexpected guests come at home and that time serve them with one cup of tea.There are many people also like to eat vagherala mamra with ratlami sev in breakfast.

This is one type of light food as likes to eat when you are watching television or chat wit friends.There are manufacturers also give all nutrition information about the product on packet so you must read all the nutrition, calories information about the product.