skype push to talk in latest 2020 version (hot key:Ctrl+M)

Skype is widely used for chatting and video sharing in business companies as well as individuals.we have write this article to show you how to use Skype push to talk in latest skype with hotkeys.alternate to skype is to use discord. Discord provides all type of functionality provided by Push to Talk not available with Windows 10. How to solve this problem we have discuss various ways.

skype push to talk in latest skype

When you make a multiple call using skype and you do not want to send voice to other user except to whom you are talking.

skype provide push to talk feature to achieve this functionality.

We have gone hard to find out skype push to talk in skeype version means skype 2019.

when you make a call and you want to stop the mike between call then press Ctrl+M hotkey

Detail explanation of how to use skype push to talk in latest version

when you call on skype just search the contact from contact list and will display you your friends name to whom you want to talk.

Then click on the top right make a call button to call that person

once you call then following screen will appear.

Now you can call your another friend and do same procedure to make a call.

once you want to chat with other friend and you want to stop mike then you can press Ctrl+M shortcut hot key will stop mike and sound as shown below.

This will show you microphone muted in the above screen. Now you can change the screen to another friend by click on friend name.

If you really want all the hot keys in next version of skype then write skype official website.

This is very easy to hand push to talk notification on mobile phone because you just have touch the icon of the mike and it will disable the echo sound.


There is no push to talk notification available on Skype 2019.We have find out other way to implement this.

hope you like this article. if you have any other way to achieve please comment in comment section.