everyday we stray further from god why happen with us

everyday we stray further from god why happen with us

One Great God gives humans heart and mind to create feeling and love for God in human life. Still, on the other hand, the fundamental reason for the stray from God is that our mind mostly thinking about the fulfillment of several desire in life and our desire and feeling is more important for the object, thing, person compares to desire or to feel for the God, so that become one of the main reason we stray from our God.

True Faith in God :

True faith in God is one of the most important things when you pray to God.There is no meaning of prayer to God without faith for God.

Desire for moving towards God:

The simple meaning of desire is that emotion of hopping for any person, outcome, or object. A human spends their time and money in the fulfillment of their desire. It happens that fulfillment of one desire brings happiness for a short period, but on the other hand, the list of unfulfilled desire bring unhappiness. It is observed fulfillment of one desire which can give birth to another desire. There is no end to the desire in life or say that human desire is endless. Suppose a person fulfills one desire to eat tasty food, then on the second day, and a desire to eat some more tasty food. Once desire fulfill is replaced with a stronger desire to achieve, the person cannot become happy even after fulfilling several desires in life.

When a person desires something that is not considered a bad thing, it is one of the powerful forces within the human to gain something in life… The person can move their desire towards obtaining God, so the desire to obtain God or obey God’s rules is one of the most important things and helps you not stray from God.

Prayer to God

If you have true faith in God, prayer to God is an effective medium for constant communication with God.

.If the person has faith in God and does prayer to God every day with discipline, God listens to that person. Another benefit of prayer that it can help in avoiding all the negative energy of the person like stress, disappointment, etc., so prayer is helpful in day to day communication with God, and you can also see that if you are doing prayer to God regularly for days or weeks, then that can create one type of magic or one type of attachment with God and then doing prayer each and everyday that become part of your daily routine life so that doing prayer everyday with true faith for God helping us not to stray from God

Obey rules and command of God:

If you desire to move towards God, then Obey the rules of religion with order and discipline. The rules are mentioned in the main religious books, and if people follow the rules with discipline can help move and lead towards God.

Save yourself from doing sin

 You see many types of partners in your own life, like business partners, life partners, etc. But you cannot find any partner that can share your all sin that you did in your life. So no one can share your sin, and a person only responsible for doing sin in their life.

                 .If we desire to move toward God and follow the rules, we finally must try to save ourselves from doing sin in life. The simple meaning of sin is the human’s evil act, which violates the rules and nature of God. Sin means that act that is against the command of God

.The power of God is great. If you firmly believe and trust God and follow the rules and command of that can help you lead toward great God and act, which can save you from doing a sin that will change your lifestyle. The change in lifestyle also creating a significant impact on you, which help you move towards great God