How to use tupperBox Discord or tupperbox bot(complete guide)

discord is one of the famous and widely used chatting application during game playing. Tupperbox discord is use when you want to chat with different role play. Different role play means for one server you want to be “hero” and for second you want to be “dianasore” then tupperbox bot discord is useful. tupperbox also know as tupperware discord bot. similar to tupperbox there are best music bots like rythm bot . you can also get familiar with text to speech functionality of is also offer by discord. We have written down how to change brackets in tupperbox.

What is TupperBox discord?

Tupperbox allows you to use multiple servers with different display names and respected avatars.

This you can achieve without sign out from one server and login to another server. means you can just go to one server and type something “Hello cool guy” with name is John and some funny avatar profile picture. Then after just switching on another server you have write message “Hello dull guy” where your name is martin and some another funny avatar profile picture.

what is tupperbox and how it works?

Sound Interesting?

Meaning of switching between role play is when you work with multiple servers and you want to give different avatar to different servers. using tupplebox you can easily set out your active server and send message to all users of that server. In this case the avatar set for this server is visible to users.

Now using Tupperware commands you can change the bot name and then chat with different users with AVTAR photo set for that server.

How to change server specific avatar in discord

How to download TupperBox bot discord

you can download and install tupperbox from multiple sources and one source is

you can download tupperbox discord from this tupperbox download link.

you can also donwload tupperbox discord from tupperbox download

tupperbox discord commands guide

We elaborate each and every command with screen shot.

How to see details of tupperbox command?

here basically with tul!help will show you all the command in discord bot but what is the meaning and how to use this command effectively that we will shown you .

if you want details of any command then type

tul!help register

tupperbox help command output

this command will show you the details help about the register command. So you can see that when you want to register then you have to specify tul!register Test >text<

Here text is the name of register tupper.

Simlary for every command you can run tul!help command name will display you details of command.

This will list out following information.

  1. Command Name
  2. How to use snytax
  3. Example of how to use command

how to register with tupperbox or tupperware discord?

tul!register – Register a new tupper

Syntax of tul!register command

tul!registerUsing this command you can register user display name
"Tag Name"the tupper’s name, for multi-word names surround this argument in single or double quotes.
[shortcut]Something easy to reference when you want to post as your character such as [Bill] or [Jane]; brackets must always be used
textthe word ‘text’ surrounded by any characters on one or both sides

tul!register “donna ” -tsstext

will show you

how to register with tupperbox

That means your tupperbox have donna name bot and will display the name donna when you enter the command -tss and your text.

Now testing of the result of above command in tupperbox bot……………….

just type -tss hello world

now you can see that donna name is available near bot word means all the users now see that donna is user who is typing hello world to all users.

How to change bracket in register tupper in tupperbox ?

in above example we have type out followng command to register the tuuperb in tupperbox

tul!register “donna ” -tsstext

Now when you use the tsstext followed by some text and type enter then tupperbox understand that donna is typing text.

now , If I want to chagen the bracket from tsstext to [] square bracekt. means now we want that user will type text within the square bracket instead of typing tsstext.

For this you have to change the bracekt to square bracekt.

tul!bracket donna [text]

so once this command executued then you have to write

[hello how are you ] and message will be posted.

For details you can go through following article

How to change brackets in tupperbox (with command and pictures)

Above article will solve the problem how to change brakcet in tupperbox.

Remove tupper from tupperbox or unregistered tupper

tul!remove – Unregister a tupper

if you want to unregistered from tupperbox then use following command

tul!remove <name> – Unregister the named tupper from your list

tul!remove* – Unregister ALL of your tuppers (requires confirmation)If something is wrapped in <> or [], do not include the brackets when using the command. They indicate whether that part of the command is required <> or optional [].

for example you have register test with tul!register “test ” -tsstext command then you can remove tupper from tupper box by using tul!remove test

tul!remove test

De-register from tupperbox

here test is the name of tupper if you do not know the name of tupper then fire tul!list command will show you all registered tupper.

Tupper unregistered.

once the tupper is unregistered then you can now not able to use this tupper in role playing.

List out all the tuppers in tupperbox discord

if you want to list out all the tuppers registered with this bot then use the following command


Get a detailed list of yours or another user’s registered tuppers by using above command.


tul!list[user] – Sends a list of the user’s registered tuppers, their brackets, post count, and birthday.

if you will not specify any user name then it list all the tupper available with this discord login.

this will show you the list of tupper registered with this bot.

List out all the tuppers

Change the avatar of tupper in tupperbox bot

If you have not set the avatar of register tupper box then it will show the ? mark picture in front of your name.You can also set your favourite picture as profile picture in tupperbox.

Syntax to change the avatar of tupper in tupperbox bot

tul!avatar<name> – Show the tupper’s current avatar. tul!avatar<name> [url] – If you have specifiy url or upload an image with the command then it will change the tupper’s avatar.

tul!avatar<name> clear – Set the tupper’s avatar to the default avatar. It’s possible to simply upload the new avatar as an attachment while running the command instead of providing the URL. If a URL is provided, it must be a direct link to an image – that is, the URL should end in .jpg or .png or another common image filetype.

avatars can’t be over 1mb in size and either the width or height of the avatar must be less than 1024.

Now if you want to change the icon shown before the name means “AVATAR” then you fire following command

Example to change the avatar of tupper in tupperbox bot

Tul!avatar “donna” url of the image

Change the avatar of tupper in tupperbox bot

tul!rename – Change a tupper’s name or rename tupper in tupperbox discord

This command is useful when you want to rename the existing tupper.

Syntax to change a tupper name

Change a tupper’s name Usage: tul!rename <name> <newname> – Set a new name for the tupper .

You can use single or double quotes around if you have new name tupper with multi-word names "Donna love" or 'Donna love'.

Example to use tul!rename

suppose you want to change tupper name from donna to donna love then type following command in discord.

tul!rename donna “donna love”

tul!rename - Change a tupper's name

once rename then when you enter chat then donna love will display as a role name instead of donna.

tul!show – show the particular information about tupper.

uisng this command you can see info about a particular tupper. Supporose you want o see inforantion about donna love then by using this cmmand you can see the more information about this tupper.

usage of tul!show command

tul!show <name> – Pull up an info card for the named tupper.

example of tul!show command

you can see when I haved fired tul!show “donna love” then it shows following inforamtion

  1. Brackets to use for this tupperbox
  2. Avatar link
  3. birthday and tag
  4. registered to which user.
example of tul!show command in tupperbox discord

tul!showuser – Show the user that sent a specific proxied message

Show the user that sent a specific proxied message

Usage of tul!showuser command in tupperbox bot

– Reveal the user that sent a proxied message. Reply to a message to query that specific message, otherwise the most recent proxy is used.

tul!showuser <message> – Reveal the user that sent the message specified by message link or ID.

tul!stats – Show technical information about the bot

tul!stats shows technical information about the bot. By running this command you can abot to see followinginfrrmaton about the bot.

  1. Displays a list of useful technical information about the bot’s running processes
  2. Lists technical details of all clusters, useful for monitoring recent outages and the progress of ongoing restarts
  3. Displays the total memory usage and allocation of the bot, along with how many servers the bot is serving
  4. Displays which shard is currently supporting this server and which cluster that shard is a part of.

Usage of tul!stats command

you have to just write down

tul!stats and it will show following screen.

tul!stats - Show technical information about the bot

tul!tag – Remove or change a tupper’s tag

when you do not want to type the full name and only wnat to use small tag then you can use this tul!tag to rename the tag name.

for example.

if you have register with tupperbox bot using tul!register “donna ” [donna]text

Here you can see this that you have register tupperbox bot with tupper name is onna but you want to use tage to display role name donna in bot.

Exmaple to use tul!tag

suppose you use “[donna] hello word then following screen will display donna has written hello world.

tul!togglebrackets – Toggles whether the brackets are included or stripped in proxied messages for the given tupper


We have written down the usage of tupperbox discord commands. we have explain most useful command with usage and example. Tupperbox bot will change you identity where you can set one role name for one group of users and other role name for other group of users.

hope you find this useful …Thanks for reading.