Vagharela mamra

Vagharela mamra :

Vagharela mamra is also best whenever unexpected guests come at home at that time serve them with one cup of tea.Vagharela mamra  is famous vegetarian food item .It is one type of  namkeen and it is best mixture of masala and puffed rice. There are many people makes it at home and they follow it’s recipe for making it but in recent period of time  many Namkeen manufacturers also make  Vagharela mamra and selling their product in the market. 

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The namkeen is one of the best food and people like to eat variety of namkeen like as gathia,sing bhujia, alloo sev,hing sev, ratlami sev ,besan sev,mix chevda,farali chevda,sev mamra,soya stick etc type of namkeen with one cup of tea at the morning time or at the evening time. There are many namkeen manufacturers in india and it become brand name in making namkeen as their products comes with best quality and reasonable prices. There are many manufactures also make masala mamra or masala sev mamra in india.

What are the main use and basic ingredients of Vagharela mamra ?

The Vagharela mamra basic use is that it can use as light food but on other hand it can also increase the taste of many food item .It is also used in  bhel puri,chat items and many more other food items.

The main Vagharela mamra  ingredients are important for making it. There are basic ingredients like as puffed rice,oil,curry leaves,hing ,chilli powder,turmetic powder,salt, etc used in Vagharela mamra. There are more ingredients can also used for making more tasty . It is completely vegetarian product. There are many people like to make it at home and they can follow Vagharela mamra making receipe for it. They can use all best ingredients for making it but in the modern age many retailers available in the market that can sell and their product comes with reasonable prices .



How to make Vagharela mamra ?:

  There are some receipes of many food item to be very difficult to understand and it is difficult to implement that recipe in kitchen but  Vagharela mamra  receipe is easy to understand  by anyone and it is  very easy to make this light food item in the kitchen.It is so simple receipe that not only housewifes but men can also makes it within 20 to 25 minutes of time.

1) puffed rice – 1 bowl

2) red chilli powder – 1 tablespoon

3)Turmetic-1 tablespoon

4)oil – 3 tablespoon

5) iodized salt – as per your taste and requirement.

6)curry leaves – 9

7) Hing


1)First, take cooking vessel and hit oil on a medium flame.

2)when oil start heating add hing,curry leaves,chilli powder,turmeric powder and keep on a medium flame for minimum time of 15 seconds.

3) After this ,add puffed rice and also iodized salt (as per your requirement) and then mix whole items very well and keep on a slow flame for minimum 12 minutes period of time.

4)then mix whole puffed rice and keep on slow flame for 3 minutes of period of time.

5) whenever it become cool then store this light food in air tight container.

6) serve to your guest or use as required.

Vagharela mamra is one of the best light food.when you are travelling in train or bus and that time if you wants to eat some light food at  that time Vagharela mamra is  one of the best option .It is light breakfast .There are manufacturers of it also give information about nutrition so please this will helpful in counting the calories and other nutrition facts.

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