What does Tekno robotic puppy do?

Tekno robotic puppy was a famous mechanical toy among children in the USA and also other countries. Tekno robotic puppy made with many types of functions and emotions so captured the imagination of children. The primary functions include walking, eating, walking, and sleeping. In addition, the sensors used to make this robotic puppy and, with the help of sensors, perform many emotions and functions.Children loved that dog and played with him for hours. Tekno dog was as alive as like natural dog .he can bark, walk around, and respond to physical touch. It can see and hear everything all  around to him.Tekno dog buys from reputed retail stores or online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and checks other buyers’ reviews. When people buy from amazon and other online stores at that time, they also give thoughts about using the product. Therefore, it will help and guide other buyers in purchasing any product. And you should also inquire to the retailers about what kind of batteries use and how long the batteries last, and the rechargeable batteries can use or not. 

what are the benefit of playing with robostic toys?

1) Fun to play and reduce stress: The robotic toys are mainly designed for children and feel fun while playing with a robotic dog. However, you may see that sometimes adult and senior citizens also play with robotic dogs, which can help reduce stress. 2) Reducing resposiblities : It is just a toy and not a real puppy. It needs to require daily routine work for the actual puppy, but that type of activity is unnecessary for the robotic dog. The daily routine requires a natural pet like bathing, lunch after a walk, and other work. So you will reduce responsibilities by using the robotic dog. You may also see that natural dogs require proper training and, if not given adequate training, damage the house’s furniture or, without training, some dogs continuously bark in their owner’s house. While on the other hand robotic puppy does not require any training.