What is cell standby on android mobiles( battery drain issue fixed)?

Today it was impossible to live with mobile phone.The driving force of the mobile phone is battery. We have discuss that What is cell standby? How to turn off cell standby ? because this cell standby will drain the battery very fast of mobile phone. This problem is also encounter in Samsung, Lenovo and other mobile phones. you can test all device in lenovo devices using cqatest. We cover How to turn off cell standby on android mobile?

We have decided to search about this problem and go for solution.

What is cell standby on android phone?

cell standby is the app used by mobile phone to capture the mobile radio frequency when your phone is idle means when your sim cann’t able to recieve your network provider signal.

I have checked by putting it on airplane mode and results shows that in Airplane mode or aeroplane mode mode cell standby app consume more battery.

What is cell standby

Your phone is continuously sensing the frequency of your network provider. But sometime when your phone don’t get signal still your mobile phone capture radio signal for emergency call.

This thing sometimes create problem and battery drain very fast in android mobile phone.

How to check how much battery usage by cell standby app?

In samsung or in MI mobile you have to follow the below steps to check how much battery used by cell standby app.

In Samsung mobile phone

  1. Go to settings
  2. click on device management
  3. Click on battery icon
  4. will show you this app

In Redmi note 5 or in MI mobile phone

  1. Go to settings
  2. click on Battery
  3. Click on battery use
  4. select Hardware tag
  5. check cell standby app

Issues cause by cell standby service ?

We have know that in any mobile phone and it is the service which continuously sense the radio frequency of your mobile when no signal from your network provider.

Now following is the issues cause by cell standby service in android mobile phone.

  1. Most of the users find that battery drain very fast in mobile phone.
  2. Battery drain up to 80% in minimal use of mobile phone.
  3. Mobile get hang
  4. Network connection may be lost.

Which are mobile phones reported issue due to turn of f cell standby?

  1. Mi 8 (Xiaomi)
  2. Samsung S7 Edge
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7
  4. exynos s7
  5. Mi 9
  6. Lenovo mobile

How to turn off cell standby on android mobile?

You can’t turn of cell standby app in android mobile phone. Cell standby is the essential app which is available on all the android system.

so what is the solution to this problem?

How to fix battery drain due to cell standby app?

As we mention It is not possible to disable or force uninstall the cell standby app in your android mobile phone.

Method 1: Reset Network settings

This issue is possible due to wrong network setting . You have to reset network settings.

Follow this steps

  1. Click on sim cards and mobile networks
  2. Select network provider
  3. Click on access point name
  4. Reset to Default

Method 2: Change frequency in your mobile phone

Now open your mobile phone and start typing the following code in dialler.

*#*#4636#*#* Display information about Android Phone, Battery and Usage statistics

This will display you following screen

how to turn off cell standby

Click on the phone information 2 section

Which shows you set prefered network type and select LTE/WCDMA

Restart your phone.

Method 3: Start mobile phone in safe mode

you have to check whether you mobile phone is working fine in safe mode or it is not working in it.

To check it you have to start phone in safe mode. To start the mobile phone in safe mode you have to do following steps.

  1. With the phone on, press the Power key.
  2. Touch and hold Power off.
  3. Tap Ok when Reboot to safe mode appears on the screen.
  4. Safe mode will appear in the bottom left corner.

Now run your mobile phone in proper way and check same issue of battery drain due to this app is exist or not.

Method 4 :Wipe cache partition

wiping the cache partition does not delete your personal data but it will clear out all the cache data which might causing the problems to run the application. problems arise due to this app can be resolved by wipe out the cache partition. Cache area is the frequently used programs.

To wipe the cache partition, follow these steps:

  1. powered off the mobile phone then press and hold the Volume down key and Power key for 2-3 seconds. Do this until the Boot options screen appears.
  2. Release the volume and power keys.
  3. Use the Volume down key to scroll to highlight Recovery.
  4. Press the Volume up key to select.
  5. The phone will display the Motorola logo then the Android recovery screen.
  6. Once the Android recovery screen displays, press and hold the Volume up key for 10-15 seconds.
  7. Quickly tap and release the Power key.
  8. The Android recovery screen will appear.
  9. Scroll down using the Volume down key to highlight wipe cache partition.
  10. Use the Power key to select.
  11. The phone will power-cycle.


We have written down what is What is cell standby? How to turn off cell standby ? We have proposed many solution from changing to frequency to start in safe mode and wipe out cache .

This will surely solve your problem.

We try our level best to give optimal solution but Try above operations at your own risk . ozonprice.com or writer does not responsible for any profit or loss incurred.