what is com.android.server.telecom :All You Need To Know

Many mobiles are operated on android operating system. We found some services are starts running automatically when you start the android mobile phone. we have explore what is com.android.server.telecom and used.com.android.server.telecom service will do? What is the importance of these two services and why we allow this to run? Does this apps are used to hacked calls? Is it possible to uninstall com.android.server.telecom or used.com.android.server.telecom? We explore answer of these questions.

what is com.android.server.telecom


com.android.server.telecom is useful to display you the dallier and routing the calls and audio switching between the calls. means once your call is running at that time we need interface which works between operating system and Com.Samsung.Android.Incallui . So this service will provide middle tier between type of call and dallier.

com.android.server.telecom is purely a android service comes with android operating system. This service is responsible for making calls from sim and also responsible for calls from VOIP call connections.

In mobile service are generally used common nameing convertion and using this you can identify that it is company made service or external service. you can see that services have use naming convention like


com.android.server.telecom service is also responsible for following types of calls

  1. VOIP calls means VOICE over Inernet protocol which is done on internet.
  2. Call done using SIM means calls done by using your cellurar service provider.
  3. Using this service you can use this to interface with camera of mobile phone
  4. This service also deals with active calls and manage between calls.
  5. This app is also responsible for reasons to disconnect the call (for example network lost,success full etc.)
  6. This app is also responsible to know the calls is voice or video call

Can I uninstall com.android.server.telecom ?

No…you cannot uninstall com.android.server.telecom. This is basically built in service and that’s why you can’t uninstall. if you uninstall then you can’t do the calls using simple sim call or using VOIP internet calls.

Can I modify com.android.server.telecom ?

The answer is no but some of the software available which will just erase the calls done by you and personal app will show you calls history when user enter password into that app.

some times it happen that call is disconnected and you mobile phone shows call is active that means com.android.server.telecom is not working properly you can either RESET the phone or RESTART the phone.

How to check your husband showing right mobile call history using com.android.server.telecom?

Many apps available which will works as that when you call then call will not be visible in call logs. One app is know is reflection which will hide your husband or wife call history and it will appear on within this reflection app. so you check our mobile phone and find out this types of apps are available then ask your husband or wife for password.cheating god will not forgive.

you can also refer the full developer package on this link.

What is the difference between Android Incallui and Android server telecom?

Android server telecom works under the incallui. When use will dial some number then incallui will translate the number and ask operating system that which number has been pressed by user.

While com.android.server.telecom is responsible for the which type of call ? and how to manage this call . com.android.server.telecom is responsible for manage the sim call and VOIP calls.

does com.android.server.telecom will be tracked by google for getting search position or using google history?

Absolute answer is no.This com.android.server.telecom is purely android class framework and nothing to do with Google tracking system. Google uses GPS to track your mobile phone location and it only does if you give permission to track.

does com.android.server.telecom will be used to hack my calls?

Answer of this question is no.No one can hack your calls using com.android.server.telecom. Do not worry about this app.

if your call remain active even other party has disconnected the call then you need to restart this app. how to restart com.android.server.telecom app in android mobile phone.

Step 1: Open the android mobile phone

Step 2: Go to menu

Step 3: Find out the settings

Step 4: click on settings which shows you different apps and then click on apps.

Step 5: Click on All apps and then search for server.telecom

Step 6: Click on that app which display you app info.

Step 7: Click on “Clear Cache” in used com.android.server.telecom

Step 8: If still problem not solved then Click on “Force Restart” Button. We hope your problem with com.android.server.telecom will be solved.

We have written this article to gives you knowledge about com.android.server.telecom . if you find something more than please mention it in comment section.