what is cooleukor app in android mobile phone?

In this article we have discuss what is cooleukor app and its importance and various factors. In Samsung mobile phone many apps like ChocoEUKor, CoolEUKor,RoseEUKor,whather apps are comes built-in and user install many other apps. So from the name of the app we can’t decide whether it is system app or can we uninstalled it? In this articel we have discuss why you should keep this app and when you remove this apps.


Apart from cooleukor app ,it might be possible that you will find out the follownig ap


We have discuss on each of the app and its merit demerits.

what is cooleukor and what is the importance of cooleukor apk?

First thing you must understand that apps are developed by thirdparty then code written by third party might be do anything with your mobile phone. It might be create virus,stool your money from your bank account any many other problems will be create for you. Our personal suggestion is that you never download any app from un authenticated sources. please download it from only play store.

cooleukor is mostly found in samsung smart phone and generally it is used to set up the fonts of your mobile phone and editors you will use into your mobile phone.

Apart from cooleukor the other apps like ChocoEUKor.apk and RoseEUKor.apk and others are consider as alternative fonts. This apk are useful insense that they will provide alternative fonts like courier font and others.

We found that CoolEUKor.apk are not at all the virus nor the malware software. It is purely comes with android phone specially samsung mobile phones. using this CoolEUKor.apk you can able to type in languagues other han english.

Many people says ChocoEUKor.apk ,CoolEUKor.apk,RoseEUKor.apk are bloatware. My simple question to you that we first understand what is bloatware?

How to identify bloatware on mobile phone?

  1. Bloatware is very difficult to un installed and it will repeatedly popup into your screen and makes you irritate
  2. You can’t recognize for which this app is working?
  3. Most of the time browser will started and display you some popup to annoy you.
  4. Most of the time no use of this type of app and it’s simply useless.

How to remove bloatware on Android

Simply Go to app section and click on that app.Go to app inforation and then press “Force to Uninstall” button. This way you can uninstall bloatware from android mobile phone.

Now after watching this video and reading about the Bloatware do you feel that cooleukor is Bloatware ? simple answer is no.

does ChocoEUKor and RoseEUKor are same as Cooleukor?

Answer is yes chocoeukor and Roseeukor are manufactureed and installed by samsung and it is purely to provide alternate fonts. So do not worry if you found out this three apps in you mobile phone.

If you want to write in other language than english then keep this mobile apps in mobile phone otherwise remove it.

Can I unInstall cooleukor ?

Simple answer is YES. As you know that cooleukor is purely use to facilitate the user. Users who wants to write down other than english language then they can use this cooleukor and others can uninstall if they wants.

Advantages of un-installing cooleukor?

As I explain that cooledukor is not an app which made to harm your mobile phone. Samsung provides this cooleukor apps in most recent mobile phone like note series.

But ultimately if you don’t have any useful ness of this kind of app then remove it from your android mobile phone.

reasons to remove this apps from android mobile phone.

Reason 1: It continuously in ON mode which will occupy RAM section and increase CPU load.

Reason 2: cooleukor store data into your internal memory device in turn make internal memeory storage full.

Reason 3: Cooleukor Configuration updated automatically. In this case it will consume your mobile data .


We have discuss what is CoolEUKor ? we try to find out the answer that where cooleukor is Virus or boatare ? we have also discuss that ChocoEUKor.apk or RoseEUKor are also virus or boatware? We find out that all three are built in and not virus or boatware. CoolEUkor is purely alternate language font