what is cqatest app on android with commserver all you need to know(January 2020)

What is cqatest app? Cqatest app is one of the primary built-in app comes with Motorola mobile phone. In this article we have discuss Why we need cqa test app ? How to use CQATest app and which are the problems sometime occurs due to CQATest and how to solve it.please do not uninstall cqatest to get more space on Motorola or Lenovo mobile phone.There is one another app nativedropboxagent in Motorola mobile phone which will create same problem as cqatest.

what is cqatest app on android and why we need ?

In Motorola mobile you would like to test Battery, Bluetooth , Camera , Display ,FM ,Headset , different Sensors are working or not? Then install cqatest app into Motorola mobile phone and step by step you are able to diagnose all components of your mobile phone.you can also find Motorola mobile price list on our website.

Normal look of CQATest app

How to use cqa test app on android ?

To open Cqatest app you have to go to apps and find cqatest app is available or not? if it is not showing in display then you can access app by typing *#*#2486#*#* using keypad.

This will open the cqatest app and using this app you can perform testing of your motorola mobile devices components. After writing this command you can see four options:

  1. CQA Menu Mode
  2. Sequence Mode
  3. Model Assembly Mode
  4. MMI test

We find CQA menu mode very useful to diagnose the mobile phone.

Cqa Menu Mode in Cqatest app will display to test Audio, Display, FM , Headset , Various sensors , Sim cards etc. Now suppose you click on Audio then it will display you all parts works with audio means it will display Audio tone, Ear speaker, Loud speaker and MIC loopback.

Now you have to choose one of the option suppose you choose Loud Speaker then automatically one audio clip will play so that you can diagnose that whether loud speaker is working correctly or not? similarly you can test all other components of mobile phone.

Problems with Cqatest app and what it means?

Cqatest app is generally for the testing purpose of the developer and normally it will not display to user. But if it display to user then you need to read following section.

most of the time cqatest app is used to diagnose the working of mobile components like touch screen ,mic or loud speker. But as discuss in many forums that by starting this app in Motorola mobile it will slow down the performance and also it will stop using certain functionality like sim access (phone goes to aeroplane mode) or battery indicator does not display.

When you find this problem then follow below steps to come back to normal mode from problem mode.

How to disable cqatest app from mobile ?

Normally it will show the error ” CQA test commserver has started” and Cqatest result shows in main menu of the mobile phone. If you find problem by using cqa test app then do following steps to remove it from Motorola mobile phone.

Total two approaches to remove or disable CQAtest app from motorola mobile phones.

First approach you have to go to Settings>Apps and then disable the app by pressing Force Uninstall button.

Sometimes by clearing the cache problems will resolved.

If still problem persists then only option is to do hard reset of motorola phone. To perform hard reset you have to do following steps.

Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset

Once you click on Factory data Reset then it will erase all the data with settings in the phone. Before doing Factory Data Reset you must back up data from the device.

In Motorola G4s plus device it will show ” Try power cycling a device” then you need to reboot the phone means shutdown and restart again.

How to download CQAtest app latest version

Normally cqatest app will come with phone itself but more Motorola apps you can download here.

Can I safely uninstall cqatest to get storage?

We prefer that do not uninstall cqatest but best way is to disable it to get more space like you disable other app. remove cqatest might create problem in Motorola mobile phone.

Frequently ask question of Cqatest app

Does cqatest is virus or trojan?

No Cqatest is motoroloa build in app comes with every motorola mobile phone.

What is the use of Cqatest app?

It is primarly used to diagnouse the all devices and its working in mobile phone.if your one of the device is not responding properly then you can use the cqatest to manage this device.

Does someone can use cqatest to spy the data in my mobile phone?

No noboday can spy the data from your mobile phone using cqatest app.

What is the full form of cqatest?

Full form of cqatest is Certified Quality Auditor.

Does it harmfull to my mobile phone?

Most of the time cqatest will drain the battery problem or it will suddenly pop up when you are doing your task. If this this happen then you simply disable the cqatest app by going to setting and click on app and press disable or clear cache options.

Does Factory Reset will solve the problem of Cqatest pop up?

Ya factory reset will solve the problem. but we should ask you just disable the app and check if it not work then you should do factory reset.

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Motorola is very much popular and trusted brand across the globe. you can buy its phone and phones comes with high power processor and powered with new features available in phone world. We have find out that sometime testing app for developer like CQAtest app will come out and create problem to user. please back up your data and then perform above options. We have not find any problem in Motorola phones till now.