What is Hidden Cache Android phone or windows 10?

Cache is the most important part of any operating system. Cache makes android or any operating system faster. We explain what is hidden cache on android mobile phone? why we should keep cache as well as why we should remove cache in android or on windows 10? This article also covers how can you delete the cache for all apps at one click as well as how to delete cache of single app ? We have also written article on android telecom and android incall ui for android mobile phone.

What is Hidden Cache On Android and why you need it ?

What is Hidden Cache On Android

Hidden Cache (sometimes called private Cache) take up more space and more tricky to delete compare to visible cache.

Hidden cache is the little information that mobile phone store about your app. When you start using the app then app load faster than .

When you use app then this app will generate some files like images or settings.

These files are stored into cache memory.

Next time when you use this app then this settings or files are by default loaded from cache .

Cache Memory and Performance

Operating system of mobile phone or computer is designed such a way that the frequent processes are cache in to section of RAM called cache.

Now mobile phone processor will try to access the cache to execute frequently access programs . Due to cache the reasponse time is faster thatn normal executeion.

In normal case processor has to fetch data from Hard drive or internal storage to RAM and then after execute the programs.

one Research found that redundant transfers account for 17% and 20% of the HTTP traffic, for the two large datasets, respectively.

Redundant transfers are responsible for 17% of the bytes, 6% of the signaling load, 7% of the radio energy consumption, and 9% of the radio resource utilization of all cellular data traffic.

Most of the redundancy can be eliminated by making the caching logic fully support and strictly follow the protocol specification.

How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Phone (hidden Cache and visible cache)

To clear the cache on android phone you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Click on the Settings
How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Phone

2. That will gives you device maintenance option and it will show you memory section.

3. click on the memory section show in in the following section

4. click on memory will leads you to memory section and then press clean Now button shownin blue color.

what is hidden cache and how to clear it for all apps at one click

once you press this blue button the all the cache memory will clean up.

your mobile phone will work faster then expected.

How to delete cache of single app in android mobile phone

To delete the cache of single app in android mobiep phone you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Click on the settings

2. Go to Apps sections which display you all apps installed in your mobile phone

2. Click on apps section

3. Click on the storage section which will display you two buttons one is disable and second

4.Click on the Clear Cache button shown in figure below

What is Hidden Cache On Android and how to clear it for single app

This will clear out all the cache for this app (chrome). Similarly you can select the other app for which you want to delete cache and make it faster.

5. After clearing the cache you can verify that cache is clear by seeing figure below.

This is the manual way using which you can clear out the cache in android mobile phone .

This will leads to fast mobile using experience.

Method 2: Using CClearner to Delete all cache

above method to clear cache from the mobile phone works fine but for this you have to collow certain steps in correct order.

But what is about fast persons ….Those who clear all cache and unrequired temp files from mobile phone in one click.

The best approach for them is to use Cclearner software app .

How to Clear Hidden Cache on Your Android Phone using CCleaner?

You just have to install this Cclearner app and follow the steps then all the cache files with temporary files and cookies everything will be deleted in one click.

To install Ccleaner on your mobile phone you ave to download CClearner from Google play Store.

once it install on your mobile phone you can easily perfo all the stak with one click.

how to clear Hidden Cache On Android using Ccleaner

using CCleaner in mobile phone you can clear all the visible cache,hidden cache , thumbnail and empty folders and hidden cache junk in your phone. You can also able to clear App data which stores temporary files of phone.

Is it safe to delete hidden cache files?

Yes cache files are byproduct of running application.

When you delete cache files then after when you run the android app again then cache files are created again.

So do not worry about deleting cache files in android phone or any other operating system like windows 10.

Does delete cache files will delete my pictures or personal files>

No, not at all…..Delete cache files will not delete any pictures or personal files on your mobile phone. cache will only delete cache create by apps into mobile phone.


We have written down what is Hidden cache and visible cache . We have also explore steps how to delete all cache in android mobile phone as well as How to delete cache files for single app.We have also explore how CClearner is helpful in deleting cache and unused files in mobile phone.