what is one of the values revealed through the indian epics ?

what is one of the values revealed through the indian epics ?

One of the most values revealed from Indian epics is that duty. The human should perform their duties .The other types of duties mention in the epics like as respect to elders, the fulfillment of the promise etc. The both epics are ancient text and and ancient people beliefs also record in it.

The values revealed through the indian epics ?


The values reveled from the Indian epics that performing tasks.The epics mention that best performing your duties leads to supreme God and if anyone tries to escape from his duties, then it will be considered the worst thing.

. The Indian Epics mention that. The top characters in Mahabharata like as Bhisma, Karna, Drona, Abhimanyu also give their life and accept death for performing their duties.

The similarly in Ramayana many top characters like as Indrajeet, Kumbh Karna, also give their life and accept death in war for performing their duties.


 It is important values which learn from the Indian epics. The Ramayana epics describe the fulfillment of the promise. This epic describes the Shree Ram’s family tradition that “Pran Jaye par Vachan Na Jaye” so for fulfillment of these traditions that Shree Ram always ready to give his life fulfillment of promises.

Respect to elders:

The values reveled from the Indian epics that everyone should give respect to their elders. The Ramayan mention that Shree Ram always respects their father and mother and also obeys all instruction given by their parents.

                   The Mahabharata epic also mentions that Pandavs gave respect to their elders.

Respect to husband:

The Indian Epics mention that the Hindu married woman gave respect and obey her husband instruction. Whatever happens, but she only follows the path which is directed by her husband. The epics mention that these types of women considered as the holy woman (Devi or goddess )

The Mahabharata epics mention that King name as “Dhursstra” who is blind and due to his blindness his wife name as “Gandhari” also Wears, “a piece of cloth on her both eyes. She was a holy woman (Devi ) and believed that if her husband could not watch this beautiful world, then I also view this world, so Finally, she Wears a “piece of cloth “ on both her eyes for the whole life. 

Limitation :

The Shree Ram is Maryada Purushottam means all his work, behavior,speech, action, etc.  which are with limitation. He always speaks words with constraints.

There are many characters in Ramayana, like spoken words with angry and proudly, or their behavior according to their nature. Still, on the other hand, the Shree ram spoke all words with limitation and his action also with restriction all the time.


The Ramayana epics show values and which are the features of ideal characters in our society or family. It shows that which are the features of an ideal wife, perfect husband. It also shows that which are the best features of an ideal king (ruler).

The Mahabharata epics are full of messages. The underlying message is that if the Ruler (Dhritarashtra) who is blind in getting power and wealth. , does not take any right decision at the proper right time, blind in love to his arrogant son (Duryodhana ), then this is the qualities of worst rulers.