What is the difference between a promise ring and a friendship ring

What is the difference between a promise ring and a friendship ring?

1) Promise rings that mainly concern the fulfillment of some specific promises, .while friendship rings concern with friendship forever among two or more friends.

2) There some common types of promise rings as infinity knot, heart, star, moon, etc., while friendship rings mention “friends forever” or “best friend” on the rings.

3) When you are giving friendship rings to your friends, only one reason expresses friendship. On the other hand, promise rings may give for many types of reasons. For example, promise rings mainly give to couples before the engagement. These promise rings also give their children some types of promises and commitments, such as not smoking or drinking alcohol. It is also one other type of promise rings that is religious promise rings. This ring can show promises and commitment to a specific spiritual path, and the rules are so meaningful to that particular wearer.

4) There are no specific rules about the day on which friendship rings or promise rings gives to another person, but generally, Friendship day is the best day for giving friendship rings to your best friends, while promise rings may give by couples on valentine day , birthday or any other special  day

5) You may also see that when anyone gives a friendship ring to another friend that time buy rings at affordable prices or low prices because the main aim for giving friendship rings is to express only true friendship so as not to require to buy costly ring while on another hand promise rings given mainly by the couple. But, on the other hand, sometimes they buy costly and high prices ring made from costly metal and other materials because the primary intention of giving rings for future engagement is the wedding.

6) As above the simple difference between the promise ring and the friendship ring, one most important difference is presenting a ring. At the same time, giving friendship rings that time generally does not require much preparation about what to say to your best friends. In comparison, you are giving promise rings that time required to prepare a speech that is full of emotions. You may see that promise ring present in a unique way to make it memorable. Some couple prepare short speech with their own words and that simple speech express their all emotions. While giving promise rings, Some people also use the short poem and, in this way, express their emotions.