What is the RootPA app on android?:all you need to know (November 2020)

When working with new mobile phone running on android operating system. We have find out the one app name is RootPA app and we discuss here that what is ? does it Trojan, malware, spyware or virus in mobile phone? we will also discuss which are the problem might you face due to this app? and how to solve this problems. We also discuss that does it possible to uninstall the app or does it possible to stop this app?

What is the RootPA app?

rootpa app and its importance

First of all, RootPa is not a malware or any harmful app. It run to provide the security when it runs on ARM trustzone and t-base operating system. It will provide secure space in mobile phone where sensitive information is stored

Arm TrustZone is a technology which provides efficient,system-wide approach to security works with hardware-enforced isolation and build into CPU. This ARM trustzone will give you starting point for establishing device root of trust based on PSA (platform security Architecture) guideline.

Now you understand that Samsung mobile phone provides security using this app and it is not any spy service or any service which will steal your data and not even your mobile phone is rooted by other.

I have read one problem on internet that in SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET model SM-T580 foudn ROOT PA version 1.96 and many problems like google playstore not running and contacts not open are created.

These all problem is created due to some other reason and not due to Rootpa.

Can I uninstall rootpa app on android?

No, rootpa is essential service for the security of data processing done by Arm TrustZone. Normally it is not advisable to uninstall any service which is comes in built with mobile android platform. you cannot remove this app.

if you want to check any problem is existing due to this app this appthen you can stop the service.Then check that same problem is exist or not and then start the same service.

How to stop rootpa service?

  1. Go to setting
  2. Go to different apps which shows you running apps,all apps
  3. click on all apps section
  4. locate the rootpa
  5. click on that app will show you two options one is force stop and second is clear cache.
  6. press force stop which will disable the service.

Frequently asked question about rootpa app

Does rootpa is spyware app?
No, it is not a spyware app but it is security app

Does it possible to uninstall rootpa?

no you cannot unistall because it comes with built in android app

Does it possible to stop the app?

yes, you can temporarily stop the app and then restart it.

Does it will spy the data or is it rooted by another person?

No it is not a spy app nor root by other person.

which are the other apps you must refer like rootpa?

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