Whatsapp payment service is now live in india for limited user : Learn How to use Whatsapp payment service and its features

Article Updated on Date:29th June 2018

Article written on Date:26th June 2018

This article describes overview of whatsapp payment apk whatsapp payment method whatsapp payment app whatsapp payment service. Learn How to use Whatsapp payment service and its features

Whatsapp payment service will take little long time to launch for alll users of india due to certain reasons but We provides you all about whatsapp payment service now first and fast.

Introduction :How to use whatsapp payment service

Digital payment service are now offer by whatsapp from june 24th 2018. Whatsapp which is our handy and daily routing app, no matter it is iPhone or android phone. Whatsapp has offer many services like free chatting, group calling , sharing multimedia files and audio video clips.

Now what is next do you think that is require to integrate with whatsapp ?

Yes, and that is how to transfer money using whatsapp. Whatsapp now comes with Unified Payment Interface (UPI) , which enable to make payment  using mobile phone. so now your friends from which you borrow money are now happy. lol

Whatsapp provides linking with most of the bank institutions like HDFC bank, ICICI bank , SBI bank and many other banks.

This article describes

How to activate whatsapp payment features ?
How to link Bank Account to WhatsApp Payments ?
How to change or delete bank account in WhatsApp Payments?
WhatsApp Payments – How to send and receive money?

we describe all functionality with screen shots and  also include apk of beta version of whatsapp payment app.

Steps of How to link Bank account to whatsapp payment service in India or UK or USA.

Step 1: Open The Whatsapp app in your mobile phone

Step 2: Click on top right side three vertical dots are shown and it will show you following image


Step 3 : Click on Settings menu from the above list and it will display following settings.

Step 4: Click on The payments option in settings  and it will leads you to list of avaiable bank in whatsapp payment service. Figure of list of banks is shown below.


Step 5:  whats app payment system will now ask you to select the bank in which you have bank account. Must take care that your phone number which you are using in whatsapp must registered with the bank.

Step 6: Once you select the bank then whatsapp payment system will go for verification of your account and  it will retrieve all the accounts from selected bank and display you. screen shot is shown below.

Step 7: Now all bank account of selected bank with whatsapp number will display .

Step 8: You have to select bank account from which you want to make transaction.

Step 9: Then It ask for last eight digits of your debit card to confirm that you are actual user of that account.

Step 10: Once done you can transfer money to another account by selecting beneficiary phone number and its account details.

How to Get whatsapp payment apk or whatsapp payment app version

ya now once you know all the steps of how to transfer money using  whatsapp payment service. Its now time to how to get whatsapp payment apk to install in your phone.

here you will find the  whatsapp payment apk beta version.

now once you click this whatsapp payment app is in beta version for testing it will prompt you following screen.

click on become a tester and allow to use testing beta version in you phone. follow the instructions mention on that page. whatsapp payment apk version varies as per your device.

whatsapp payment update on actual app will be given you.

Ok so now you think little bit about using whatsapp payment service but you surely agree with privacy policy declare by whatsapp.

Privacy policy of Whatsapp payment bank

Whatsapp given in its privacy policy of whatsapp payment service show that  which information collected by whatsapp when you use whatsapp payment service.

Registration Information:  Information given by you at registration time will be kept by whatsapp.

Payment Transaction Information. When you use debit card only ATM pin and exipary date of card will be given by user and that will not saved by whatsapp.

Information to Enable Payments. whatsapp collect information when user send or receive a payment, including the date and time, the sender and receiver’s VPA and name, and reference transaction number.

Information whatsapp and users Share:

  • Payment Senders and Recipients. You and users with whom you send or receive payments may store or reshare your VPA, name, or transaction information with others on and off our Services.
  • Third-Party Providers and Services. We share information with third-party providers and services to help us operate and improve Payments. To send payment instructions to PSPs, maintain your transaction history, provide customer support, and keep our Services safe and secure, including to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, safety, security, abuse, or other misconduct, we share information we collect under this Payments Privacy Policy with third-party service providers including Facebook. To provide Payments to you, we share information with third-party services including PSPs, such as your mobile phone number, registration information, device identifiers, VPAs, the sender’s UPI PIN, and payment amount.

Whatsapp payment service started in india from 29th june 2018 for some limited users. you can use this service to transfer your money.

We welcome comments and critics ….thanks for reading.

Disclaimer :  This information is solely collected and written to provide facility to user and inspire user to use whatsapp payment service. Any profit or loss incurred by user by using this article website or writer not responsible.

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