whatsapp web login on browser using qr scan

Whatsapp is widely used messaging apps in India. All most all mobile phone have whatsapp app on mobile phone.you want to copy content on desktop computer application from the whatsapp app on mobile phone. you can solve the problem by using whatsapp on web browser and its call whatsapp web. We have cover how to use whatsapp web? How to do whatsapp web login? How to access whatsapp web on latest browser?How to copy content from whatsapp web to other applications? which are the different application where you can use whatsapp web ?

What is whatsapp web?

Whatsapp web is browser based interface of the whatsapp available on your mobile phone.you can send and receive the messages in similar way you are using in whatsapp app on your mobile phone.

Even you don’t need to create a separate account to access whatsapp web.

you can access the whatsapp web by using your mobile phone whatsapp account.

Sound nice????????

No need to sign out your whatsapp on your mobile phone. both whatsapp web on browser and whatsapp app on mobile phone will synchronize the contents.

Meaning is if you send or recieve message on one plateform it will immediately show in second plateform.

I think you eager to know how to use this whatsapp web?

lets go……..

How to use Whatsapp Web on PC browser or tablet browser?

Few thing you must learn before using whatsapp web. First thing is your desktop computer or pc or tablet on must have latest browsers.

only latest browser support qr scan functionality.

what is qr scan?

on most of the consumer goods product you will see the logo as shown below and when you go for checkout on payment counter employee will scan the bar code using bar code reader and all information about that product will come into payment counter machine.

Did you recognize? Now similar concept used by whatsapp to login into whatsapp web.

second point is checkout that your mobile phone internet is working properly. Then check out your desktop computer (PC) or tablet in which you want to access whatsapp web have internet connection. if both are there then we move further.

Lets checkout how to use?

Step 1: open the whatsapp web by clicking on following link


Step 2: When you open the above link following page will display on your browser.

Whatsapp web login screen

In above screen you have consider two things

  1. QR scan image (if not display then check your intenet connection)
  2. Keep me signed in (means once you sign-in into whatsapp web no need to do sign in again)

Step 3: open whatsapp in your mobile phone.

Step 4: Click on three dots at top right corner of whatsapp app

Step 5: This will show you the various options as shown in below and among them click on “Whatsapp web”

Step 6: Click on this whatsapp web menu will display the qr scanner. now you have to scan the qr image we get after writing web.whatsapp.com on browser in pc.

Step 7: This will open the same whatsapp availble on your mobile phone. its call whatsapp web.

Now click on the friend names availble in whatsapp list and at the right side it will display chat box with your friend.

So advantage of whatsapp web is you can see friend list as well as do chat with friends.

Method of Sending and receiving messages are same as it is on mobile phone.

Advantages of using whatsapp web on browser

when you go for whatsapp web obiviously we all think that which are the advantages of using whatsapp web?

  1. Easily upload files using whatsapp web browser based interface
  2. easy to use and large size inteface
  3. Different windows can be open and chat with multiple friends at a time.

How to Logout from whatsapp web?

There are total two ways to logout from whatsapp web.

First way is you can logout using your mobile phone whatsapp app.

Steps are as follow to logout from whatsapp web.

  1. open your whatsapp app
  2. click on three vertical dots at the top right corner
  3. click on whatsapp web
  4. This will show you following screen
  5. Now It will show you instances of browser where whatsapp web is open
  6. if you want to logout from the whatsapp web instance then click on that whatsapp web and it will show you following screen. then click on that browser instance to logout and you can logout from that perticular instance.
  7. If you want to logout from all theinstances of whatsapp web then click on “Logout from all devices” and it will close all the whatsapp web on any browser.

How to download images in whatsapp web?

When you click received image then you find image will pop up and question is how to download this image.

to download the single image then you click on down arrow at upper side.

if you received multiple images and you want to download those images then down arrow will not be display.

so for that clicks on three dots as shown in below image and click on download and image will be downloaded in your computer system.


We have try to cover how to use whatsapp web? Benefits of using whatsapp web . How to use whatsapp web on chrome and other browser as well as how to sign-in in whatsapp web using qr scan and how to do logout from whatsapp web.

Hope you enjoy the article.