why is yahoo mail so slow?:How to Fix Step by Step (January 2020)

Yahoo Email is an important part of our day to day office or home routine work. Yahoo is fastest email service and I love to use.Log in with yahoo email account we normally want to load it fast or within some threshold time period. if yahoo mail take too long to load then it is annoying situation for the user.We have once face this condition and think about why is yahoo mail so slow? and how to fix this problem? yahoo provides various functionality like notepad,contact.

why is yahoo mail so slow on chrome?

you have to go through following steps to resolve slowness of yahoo email

1. check the internet connection

First of all check the internet connection is working fast or slow. you can check it out by simply open another tab and write google.com.

if you really want to check your internet speed then visit other websites mention below to check the internet connection speed.If speed is more than 500 kbps then your internet working very fast.

  1. Fast.com
  2. Global internet speed

2.Limit number of Open tabs

In case where internet speed is OK then you check whether you have not exceed the number tabs open. Some times opening number of tabs will flood your RAM and makes yahoo email load slow.

3.Change theme

Yahoo classic does not provide themes. but new yahoo provides themes. you can change theme to no theme option which make yahoo load faster.

4.Do not find how to change the number email messages displayed in Yahoo mail 2020

older version of yahoo provides change maximum page size. you have to choose various options.But latest yahoo mail does not provide maximum number of emails display in one page settings. So don’t try to find this.

5.Update your browser

latest yahoo mail version is getting slow then probably your browser is not compatible to yahoo mail version.from official website of yahoo says latest yahoo version works on following list of browser. if your browser is not compatible then upgrade it to one of the given list.

  • iOS Safari 12
  • iOS Firefox 17
  • iOS Chrome 61
  • UC Browser 12
  • Android Opera 51
  • Android Chrome 61
  • Samsung Internet 6

6. Clear Cookies and History

sometime cookies and history occupies to much space.remove the cookies and history from the browser.

To remove the history, cookies, temporary files in browser you have to perform following steps.

Go to settings >>More tools>> Clear browsing data

once you press clear data then it will delete browsing history, download history, cookies and other site data ,cached images and files.

remove the plug in which might be create extra burden over your browser and makes browser slow down makes yahoo loading slower.

7. Switch to older version of yahoo mail

By performing above steps if still problem persist then you have to switch older version of yahoo mail.

Mostly newer version is faster but older version works fast because it does not provide photo search and other functionality load.


We have gone through various option to check why is yahoo mail so slow in my computer? if you have more options then lets us know by putting comment in comment section. keep reading.