why promise rings are bad

You may see that the trend of giving Promise rings is increasing in the recent period compared to the past few years. When someone gives a promise ring that time not a necessarily strong commitment but the best way to say to someone that your relationship is growing more serious. This will show your importance to another person that you are dedicated to in the relationship. Promise rings become famous among couples who may not feel the need to put a label on their present relationship.Some couples will give a promise ring to their partner and show their loyalty to the relationship and some couple also give for the plan to propose in near future or for future engagement. Promise rings also the best way to express friendship. It is exchanged between friends. You may see that friends give promise rings and wear the ring on the same finger. Promise rings may also be given by the parents to their children and in this way, parents express love to their children. They can be worn as any type of promise like commitment, break a bad habit, and many more other promises.A promise ring can wear on any finger because generally no specific rules about wearing promise rings on a specific finger. so the receiver of the ring wear on any finger. The popularity of the promise rings is growing. This is the best ring for love and relationship because when you will see the sign of relationship and commitment between two people then only you can develop a strong relationship. if you want to build a romantic relationship then you can give promise rings to your lover or partner.it is ok and best that if you give promise rings on occasions.

why promise rings are bad

When promise rings give that time happen that receiver of the ring does not ask about the real intention of giving ring and create wrong or false assumption about the promise rings. Whenever this wrong assumption breaks that time feel not any meaning of promise and so promise rings are bad. So it is the mistake of the that to ask about the intention of the promise ring .so as above it is clear that when you receive a promise ring that time first ask intention for giving ring.

Parents care and also worry about their lovely children so You may see that parents also give promise rings to their children. While parents give promise rings to their child the basic aim is avoiding smoking, drinkings, etc types of bad habits. When a child wears promise rings at that time also gives assurance to their parents that they will try their best for avoiding bad habits and also try for the fulfillment of all promises as to the concern with the promise rings. But on the other side when a child broke the promises that time parents feel that the giving promise rings to my child that is a completely bad idea.

The many Goodness that is praying and worship by the people in the different countries and regions of the world.
You may also see that many people regularly wear promise rings about certain god, Goodness
and from this they show their
Love, worship, and dedication toward that particular god. When you see god promise rings on their finger that time you assume that person is a true believer of that god but after some weeks and months when you see that person not follow any basic rules of Goodness that time you feel that no much meaning of wearing promise rings of god. So finally it is true that if you wear a promise ring of a specific god or goodness then you should try your best to follow the basic rules of that god.

What age is appropriate for the promise rings?

Sometimes also called pre-engagement rings as given to a romantic partner as a show of commitment to a relationship so it is advised to be given only if the two of you are too young to get married. If the two of you are young then will understand the importance of promises and commitment of that promises. When giving promise rings the time age of the person is an important factor because promise rings mainly concerning with the commitment of certain specific promises. Whenever promise rings give parents to their son or daughter that time parents already know the age of their children 

Why do people hate promise rings?

Some people believe that the concept of Promise rings are a complete waste of time. When someone gives promise rings that time main intention for marry in future. It is not engagement rings because engagement rings ask will you marry me?. Some people believe that if your love true and complete trust in your partner then no need for the formality of giving promise rings and on proper time directly ask about marriage.


So as above many people wear promise rings for different purposes and sometimes feel that wearing promise rings completely bad idea. So before wearing they should know promise rings is a special type of ring and not to take it lightly because there are certain specific Promises as the concern with the promise rings and follow through with the commitment. When someone gives promise rings that time receiver also asks and clarifies the intention of giving promise rings and then only accepts promise rings. Finally when you wear promise rings that time keeps in mind the promises which are concerning with the promise rings and you should try best for the fulfillment of that promises.