xiaomi mi 4th anniversary sale Xiaomi offers and Deal on 4th anniversary of Mi start today : All you need to know 2018

China Based electronics company Xiaomi cleberating the 4th Aniversary of MI.  On this occasion Xiaomi has announce sale and discount offers. The major discount and offers include you can buy Mi LED Smart TV 4 55, Redmiy Y1 mobile phone , Mi Body Composition Scale, Redmi Note 5 Pro , Redmi Y2 and Mi Band 2 with only Rs. 4 from Mi.

Win Rs. 4 Deal of Xiaomi Mi 4th Anniversary sale:

Xiaomi Mi deal starts from  today 4 PM in India.  Xiaomi ‘MI 4 You’ sale includes playing game where use can paly and have chance to win Mi LED Smart TV 4 55

Redmi Y1 mobile phone , Mi Body Composition Scale, Redmi Note 5 Pro , Redmi Y2 and Mi Band 2 with only Rs. 4 from Mi. In this game player has to find number 4 in the game and if he successfully done this then player has to pay Rs. 4 only and choose from above listed items.

Xiaomi Rs 4 buy only valid from 10th July 2018 to 12th July 2018. This is special occasion where Xiaomi gives other offers like Blink & Miss Deal,  12PM block buster, Mi anniversary special , Grab coupons , Find hidden 4.

Blink & Miss Deal on Xiaomi Mi 4th Anniversary sale:

  1. This deal includes Mi Body Composition Scale + Mi Band 2 where 200 units available with price is Rs. 1,999 with discount Rs. 1,799
  2.  Redmi Note 5 + Mi VR Play 2 where 200 units available with price Rs. 9,999  and actual market price is 11,298 where you get discount of Rs. 1299
  3.  Redmi Y1 + Mi Bluetooth Headset where 200 units  available you can obtain this combo with price Rs. 8,999 with market price is 9,898 you will get Rs. 100 discount.
  4.  Mi Air Purifier 2 + Filter where 50 units available at price Rs.  8,999 and in market the same product is available at Rs. 11,498
  5. Pocket Speaker + Earphones Basic  : This is most exciting deal where only 200 units available and you can buy this combo with discount approximately Rs. 400 . The buying price is Rs. 1,499 and actual market price is 1,898
  6.  10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i + Mi Rollerball Pen is with 200 units available at mi.com and Rs.  899 only you have to pay instead of Rs. 1,078

12 PM Block Buster Deal :

  1. Mi LED Smart TV  (India’s Ultimate Smart TV)  is available with Rs. rs 13,999
  2.  Redmi Note 5 Pro India’s camera best camera phone available at rs.  14,999

Mi Anniversary special Deal on Xiaomi Mi 4th Anniversary sale:

  1. Mi MIX 2 with Full screen display available at rs. 27,999 where you find RS. 2000 Off
  2. Mi Max 2 comes with Big Display, Bigger Battery you can buy  at price of  rs.  14,999 and you get 1000 off
  3. Mi Earphones with Dynamic Bass, Wired Remote you can buy rs.  649 and Rs. 50 off
  4. Mi Band 2 comes with price 1,599 with Rs. 200 off

Bank and Wallet offers on Xiaomi Mi Anniversary

  1. SBI  provides instant Rs. 500 Discount by using SBI credit card with minimum transaction of Rs. 7500
  2. Paytm gives Rs. 500 Cashback
  3. MobiKwik gives Flat 25% super cashback.

For more information you can visit : Xiaomi 4th Anniversary sale