yahoo answers

yahoo answers for getting any answer

If you have question ?

It is the best for you to join Yahoo answer and ask the question if you have any query then you will get the best response from thousands of people from all over the world.

Yahoo answers provide so many type of niche like as

1)Arts and Humanities

2)Beauty and style

3)Business and finance

4) car and Transportation

5)Computer and internet

6) Family & Relationship

7) Environment

8) Health

9) Food & drink

10) Politics & Government

11) Social science

12) Sports

13) Travel

14) News & Events

15) Pets

points and levels :

Yahoo answers have a system of points and levels.You will get a number of points which totally depends upon your actions.The point Table below explains that point values for the different type of actions

1)If you begin participation, then you will get 100 points. If you give the answer to any question, then you will get 2 points but if you self-deleting to answer then -2 points counted. If log in to yahoo answers daily then you will get 1 point daily.

How does yahoo answers work?

Yahoo answers are the best place where people ask each other questions on any subject ,and then they get answers by sharing their facts , personal experience , thoughts , and opinions.



1) You can use the category list ,which is on the left -hand side of each page ,and find the question that you want to give an answer at best.
2) you can use the search box at the left -hand side of each page to locate questions.
3)If you give the best answer to any question you will get some extra points.


1) It is easy to discover question and answer in Yahoo answers .you use the category list at the left hand of each page for giving the answer or asking the question.
2) You can also use the search box at the left -hand side of each page ,and questions related to specific phrases or words.for more read how it works